Forever Key… Our Most Popular Keepsake

The forever key give family members an opportunity to create a truly lasting “moment” attached to a memorial keepsake. Families who choose to add this moment to their funeral experience will cherish this keepsake for a lifetime. It is one of our most popular mementos and we continue to receive thankful feedback from the family members who have them. What a great way to help family members remember their loved passing loved one.

Families members are able to remove the “key” element from this keepsake to leave in the casket with their passing loved one. They are able to keep the main part of the keepsake as a memento of the casket closing or another part of the funeral if they prefer.

The forever key is available in three styles:

  • Wooden Hang Tag
  • Thin Wooden Bookmark
  • Wooden Holiday Ornament

CLICK HERE to gift a Forever Key memento for one of the family members.