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Berna Lee Denney June 8, 1935 - August 11, 2020

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Denney, Berna Lee died at the age of 85 in Arizona on August 11th, 2020.

Berna was a beloved Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, Mother-in-Law, Sister, Aunt and trusted friend to many. Berna’s story begins on June 8th, 1935 in Denver Colorado when her parents, Cecil and Nelly Crum, welcomed her into the world. While an infant, Cecil and Nelly Crum relocated to Ray, Arizona with Berna. As time passed, Berna became the oldest of three (3) children born to Cecil and Nelly Crum. Berna’s siblings included her sister Roberta “Bobbie” Fendley who now lives in Queen Valley, Arizona surrounded by her loving family and her brothers James “Jimmy” Crum who passed away in 2019. Berna mourned the loss of her brother deeply and cherished her life-time bond she had with her sister Bobbie.

Berna was married to Paul “Spike” Denney who passed away in December of 2016. Spike deeply loved this little firecracker and together raised two sons John “Lester” Denney and Robert “Rob” Denney. Lester was born in Ray, Arizona and Rob was born years later in Tempe, Arizona. Unfortunately, Lester is no longer with us as he passed in 2018 of a terminal illness. Berna took his loss very hard; we are not sure she fully recovered.

Some things about Berna…..

Berna while a newborn infant slept in a shoebox. If you knew Berna, she never reached 5 feet tall.

Berna was a feisty little thing with German ancestry; she definitely had a temper.

Berna absolutely loved babies. She couldn’t pass a baby without smiling and gazing into their little eyes.

Berna had many lifetime friendships. Berna met Jeannie early in life and maintained a close relationship while raising their children who were of similar age. Together these ladies met obstacles head on. Berna and Marie met in their Tempe neighborhood and continued to have a lifetime friendship. Berna enjoyed traveling and going on adventures with Bea, Ginger, Barbara, and Fran. A year or so prior to Berna’s passing, Bea, Ginger, Barbara and Berna enjoyed each other’s company for a “girls weekend”. It was good to see the ladies back together and reminisce about all the good times they had.

Berna had an eye for interior design/decorating.

Berna could make fantastic tacos; her family and friends would race to the dinner table.

Berna is survived by:

  • Her son Rob and his wife Gina
  • Sister Bobbie Fendley and her children Donna, Tom, Cecil and Susie
  • Grandchildren Sean, Ryan, Melissa, Leslie and John
  • Great grandchildren Kyle, Dylan, Devon, Lucian and John Jr.

On behalf of Berna, her son Rob thanks you all for sharing her life journey and being a very special part of her life; she had so many memories she enjoyed reliving.


  1. REPLY
    Cecil Fendley says

    Berna was my favorite Aunt. She was always a very fun loving Aunt. She always called me by my full name, Cecil Gene and she cried almost every time I would see her, she was very soft hearted and was always very happy to see me. She was the cool Aunt and I and my whole family will miss her dearly.
    God Bless

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