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Carl Thomas Gilcrest August 24, 1944 - April 4, 2021

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Carl Thomas Gilcrest, fondly known as Tom or Tommy, passed away at the age of 76 from complications of Alzheimer’s disease on April 4, 2021. He attended Kent State University earning a degree in Architecture and then served in the Vietnam war as an Air Force pilot and retired as Captain of America West Airlines in 2004. Tom had the good fortune to put his college degree to work after retirement. He excelled in renovating various properties and his attention to detail served him well.

Always known as the quiet one, Tom was a good and kind soul. He is survived by his wife Diane (Diney), his Sisters Hannah Jaspert, Thomasville Ga. Terry Ulstrom, Desdemona, Texas, his brother Jack Gilcrest, Scottsdale Az.as well as several nieces and a nephew.
A celebration of Tom’s life will be held at a later date. Memorial  Donations in the memory of Tom can be made at the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado, 455 Sherman St. Suite 500, Denver, co.80203 or a charity of your choice.


  1. REPLY
    Michael D Rose says

    We loved having Tom as a neighbor. We offer our condolences to Diney and all of Tom’s family.

  2. REPLY
    Julie Roybal says

    Dear Diney & family,
    What a wonderful tribute to your Tom! And what an accomplished life he lived. He left a true legacy for all of you and for many others. Love & hugs, Julie & Jim

  3. REPLY
    Capt. Charles Jones says

    RIP Tom

  4. REPLY
    T R (Tom) Pappas says

    So sorry to hear of Tom’s passing; he was such a great , calm, easy to be with, gentleman and aviator. Tom and I had numerous travels together at ‘ole AWA One special RON was in Austin, TX (KAUS) and we went and spent the night at my house in Salado, TX. We prevailed on a couple of ample plates of assorted, local TX BBQ. After discussing old cars on a number of trips–he had as I recall a mid-60’s Buick Riviera with a Wildcat 455 engine and was knowledgeable and talkative about his machine-we went for a drive with him driving, my ’65 Pontiac GTO, out in the Texas ‘country’ nearby, while on that Austin visit. A wonderful RON with two, compadres of similar generation, having a great time inside and outside of the cockpit. We had other travels and overnights, but that was special and the one I kindly remember. I can only imagine his absence for his family and the empty feelings with his passing.
    No doubt , my friend and fellow aviator, Tom Gilcreat, enjoyed warm, soft tailwinds and a bright star to steer by on his westerly flight….he who has gotten his last call from crew scheduling. RIP, Tom…

    Tom Pappas, PO 539, Salado Texas

  5. REPLY
    Stacy Warneke says

    So sorry to hear of Tom’s passing! He was a wonderful man! I am thankful to have known him! My love and support go out to Diane and Tom’s family. If you all need anything please do not hesitate to reach out. All my love

  6. REPLY
    Karen Sandstead says

    I was saddened to learn from Donna of Tom’s passing. I understand well the journey you both have been on was a difficult one. I know what you’re going through and I hold you in my prayers. Love to you.

  7. REPLY
    Cousin Marye says

    From the first time I met this tall good looking pilot I know he was a man of strong character. He and Diane have been wonderful together they were a true match for each other. So it saddens me he is gone.
    Tom you will be deeply missed by our family.
    Rest in Peace

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