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Cynthia Jeannette Baillie October 20, 1962 - August 24, 2019

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Sadly, Cynthia Jeannette Baillie passed away Saturday morning on August 24, 2019.  On this day, her son Nicholas Elvrum lost his beloved mother and her husband Donald Rae Baillie lost his treasured high school sweetheart. After the first kiss Cindy and Donald shared in 1976, they proclaimed that one day they would be married. Once separated and then found again, the two inseparable lovebirds joined hands to live out the promise made in San Bruno 35 years ago, and were finally married October 21, 2011.

Cindy was born on October 20, 1962 as the second child of Louise (Berg) and David Muth. She is survived by her cherished son Nicholas Elvrum and her two loving sisters, Theresa Lesavoy and Dianna Langer.  Cindy received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from CSU, Sacramento and her Masters degree from Chapman University. With a huge heart, she devoted her career to shaping the lives of children through elementary school teaching, and was admired by many of her students.

Cindy dealt with the effects of type 1 diabetes mellitus from the age of 10. Life was not always fair to Cindy, but she was a survivor. Perhaps it was the struggles that Cindy endured which made her the passionate, honest, and fearless woman that she was. Remarkably, she overcame two life threatening automobile accidents and numerous other personal struggles. Yet, she was the most loving and devoted daughter, wife, sister, and aunt anyone could ask for. She is forever loved by every family member, unconditionally.

Cindy was impassioned with the thought of curing childhood diabetes. In lieu of flowers, kindly make any donations to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in her name.


  1. REPLY
    Lisa Barshay says

    Words cannot express how sad I am to have learn about this. I have so many memories of times that I sent with her and Nicolas. She touched so many people with her kindness and will certainly be missed by all those who loved her.

  2. REPLY
    Greg H says

    I am sorry to hear of your loss. This is a difficult time for your family. My condolences and deepest sympathy in this time of loss.

  3. REPLY
    Theresa says

    I will miss my dear sister Cindy so very much. we were best friends and had such good times together. No one made me laugh like you.

  4. REPLY
    Patty M. says

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I was privileged to meet Cindy earlier this year and loved her the moment I met her. Prayers and hugs to your family

  5. REPLY
    Dianna (Muth) Langer says

    I will miss my sister dearly and cherish the fun times we had together. There were no better times than when my sisters, mother and I were all together laughing. We had a very special bond that I will be forever grateful for. I am comforted that now she is at peace and can be with our mom. I love you Cindy and you are forever in my heart.

  6. REPLY
    Angela Rick's girlfriend says

    Let me tell you about meeting Cindy. My boyfriend Rick is one of Don’s closest friends. We went to Las Vegas to spend a few day’s with both Don and Cindy. At the time, they were living in Las Vegas, Nevada. They had been asking us to come over and enjoy some time there on a mini vacation. I sensed they both liked people and loved entertaining. And they just happened to have the most beautiful home we had ever seen, so we termed their home, sweet, home… “Baillie Mansion”. So we arrived at their home and I got out and I was introduced to Cindy for the first time. There was this beautiful lady with sparkling blue eyes and blonde locks, so filled with this loving energy. Rick and I went upstairs to their guest suite and settled in. Not soon after, I went downstairs and Cindy asked me if I had wanted to go with her to a local consignment store to look at some furnishings for her home. I wanted to get to know her better and off we went to one of our adventures. When I got in the car with her it was like we were friends since high school. We just started talking with no uncomfortable pauses, I didn’t feel guarded, it felt like she was a long time high school friend I hadn’t seen in years. She was comfortable and so easy to talk to. I told her things that first day I didn’t share with everyone. She just had that way about her. She was so open and real. I could tell her anything. And did we laugh? We laughed a lot. She and I could really belly laugh and we could have so much fun. I loved her dearly for that. She had such a magical quality. Insightful? Yes, she was. When you had a life challenge to deal with, she was so right-to-the-point with some profound psychological insight that would blow me away. I needed to bottle her and take her everywhere I went because I valued her insight so much. I can still hear her voice which seemed unique and her laugh, well, that was a Cindy thing. I will miss her so much. It seems has reminded me of so many of the important things with her passing. Things like to love more, give more, laugh more and be more. Cindy and Don had such a tender love story. I actually was given her wedding ring, the one she used at her wedding ceremony with Don. I cherish it even more now. What the ring meant to me and still does is to never give up on love. That the love of your life is worth fighting for and that if you are ever lucky/blessed enough to find that you keep it. You don’t give up on it. I look at this ring and it is about true love, the love of your life. If I ever do get married I am keeping this ring as an eternal reminder that love never fails…ever!!!! I was one of the people on the planet to be blessed, truly blessed, to know her. I know we all have so many wonderful memories of Cindy because that was who she was, this amazing woman who lived big and loved big. Thank you, Cindy Baillie, you are very much missed <3

  7. REPLY
    Misty Waller says

    I am so sad to hear about Cindy’s passing. My heart goes out to her family and friends. God bless you all.
    Misty Waller
    Jesse D. Scott ES

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