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David Raymond McQueen November 9, 1955 - March 21, 2021

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DAVID RAYMOND MCQUEEN age 65 passed away March 21,2021.
He was the son of Audry and Bill McQueen. They proceeded him in
David served in the Vietnam War in United States Air Force. He was in
After serving in the military David worked as a laborer, then went on to
be an Iron Worker.
His hobbies included; fishing, reading, watching movies, and  talking with friends.
He also enjoyed playing RuneScape where he met Reneta and began a long lasting
friendship. that lasted till his passing.
David has one son, Brandon McQueen who resides in Ohio.
David has one sister Barb, and two brothers Billy and Kirk.
David has several good friends including: Phil, Jack, Anders, Lee, Clarke and Terry.
David is to be cremated at Legacy Funeral Home in Phoenix Arizona.

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