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LaRayne Morvig February 20, 1929 - February 27, 2020

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LaRayne Morvig (Grove) of Sun Lakes AZ, passed away February 27, 2020, one week after her 91st birthday.

She was born in Climax, MN on February 20, 1929. She married Obert Morvig on February 25, 1948 at her parents home in Climax, on a cold and snowy day. They had 3 children: LouAnn, Kathy, and Richard. And after many moves, finally settled in Moorhead, MN.

LaRayne was an amazing mother who loved being with her children. She sewed many of their clothes, as well as her own.

LaRayne enjoyed baking, gardening and crafting. She loved singing and playing piano. And as a teenager sang in duets and small groups, and later with the “Southwest Singers” in Arizona.

In December 1980 LaRayne and her daughter LouAnn, opened “The Korner of Fashion” (women’s clothing store) in the Moorhead Center Mall.  She loved going to market, interacting with customers, and creating the displays in the store.

In 1995 Obert and LaRayne moved to Sun Lakes, AZ and built the home of their dreams. Both were so excited and truly loved Arizona…golfing, exploring, and making new friends. Obert unfortunately passed away in 1999, after they celebrated 50 years of marriage in 1998.

LaRayne continued to enjoy Arizona…golfing, traveling, and enjoying time with family (especially her grandchildren Nathan, Brandon, and Taylor). She loved playing cards and games, and also found joy in her bible study group.

LaRayne always had a joke to share, with a wonderful sense of humor.

Since 2002 she was grateful to have her son Richard with her, as they spent precious time together.

LaRayne will be deeply missed by her daughter, Kathy Willis (Earl) of Loveland, CO; son, Richard Morvig of Tolleson, AZ; son-in-law, David Skrei of Moorhead, MN; grandsons Nathan Skrei (Darla) of Tacoma, WA and Brandon Skrei (Stephanie) of Moorhead, MN; granddaughter Taylor Willis of Loveland, CO; great-grandchildren Brady, Tiffany and Kaitlyn Skrei of Tacoma, WA and Ethan Sculthorp of Moorhead, MN; sister, Carol Caouette (Bob) of Apache Junction, AZ, and several nieces and nephews.

LaRayne was proceeded in death by her loving husband Obert; daughter, LouAnn Skrei (Morvig); parents Arthur and Idella Grove;  brothers Mike, Vernon and Ken Grove; sisters-in-law Lois Grove and Betty Morvig; and brother-in-law Chester Morvig.

LaRayne’s family would like to thank Hospice of the Valley for their support and comfort.

A celebration of LaRayne’s life will be held Friday March 13, 2020 at 1:30pm in Sun Lakes United Methodist Church, 9248 E. Riggs Road, Sun Lakes, AZ.

A celebration of LaRayne’s life will be held Friday March 13, 2020 at 1:30pm in Sun Lakes United Methodist Church, 9248 E. Riggs Road, Sun Lakes, AZ.


  1. REPLY
    Richard Morvig says

    A Letter To My Mother

    Dear Mom,

    Do you remember when we left the hospital after Dad died? You may recall that I lagged behind. I stood there holding Dad’s hand one last time, and knew that if he could speak, his last words to me would be “Take care of your Mother”. I promised him then and there that I would. And it turned out to be an easy promise to keep. Because you were so very easy to love, and I cherished every moment you spent with me.

    Remember when I was a little boy growing up on 15th street? I knew I had the most beautiful mother of all my friends, and I was so proud to be LaRayne’s little boy. Starting 30 years ago, every time I sent you flowers, I addressed the card to “the prettiest mom on 15th street”.

    Everything I really needed to know in life, I learned from you. All I had to do, was observe what you did, and listen to what you said. You inspired me to be a better man.

    Do you remember when I was in school? You always made sure I was well dressed. You took me shopping at the beginning of every school year. And one year, I told you I was afraid of what the other kids would think. You looked at me and said “Well, who cares what they think”. There was no lecture. But with one simple sentence, you showed me the importance of doing what’s right, regardless of what others may think.

    Do you remember when I was 15 years old, and learning to drive? I drove into the garage faster than I should have. And you told me to slow down. You asked me, “What would happen if the brakes failed?”. Fifteen year old me arrogantly replied “Oh Mom, the brakes won’t fail”. Little did we know that decades later I, as a professional truck driver, would be asking you to slow down. The difference is that you, unlike me, would reply “Oh, am I driving too fast?”, and graciously accept my advice.

    You showed me the importance of humility. You were never one to brag, in fact quite the opposite. You were always quick to laugh at yourself. Remember after Dad died, I told you I never wanted you to feel overwhelmed, and that I was there for you? We both got fax machines. And after you faxed me the first document you asked, “Am I using the right kind of paper?”. I replied “I don’t know Mom, you do realize the paper doesn’t come through the phone line”. We both laughed so hard we lost our breath. You were so humble, and so very easy to love.

    Despite my many faults, you accepted me for who I am. You told me you only wanted me to be happy. I remember hearing that friends would ask my sister LouAnn “Isn’t it hard working with your mother?”. And LouAnn would reply “She isn’t just my mother, she’s my best friend”.

    This is how I will remember you Mom. When I was young, you taught me everything I really needed to know. When I was old, you were my best friend. And you will forever be “My Beautiful Mother”, and I will forever be “Your Little Boy Blue”.

    Your Son,


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