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Maj-Britt Elisabet Hamann November 18, 1944 - March 9, 2019

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Maj-Britt Elisabeth (Liz) Hamann of Gilbert passed away on 9 March 2019 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. Maj-Britt was born in Helsinki, Finland on 18 November 1944 to Axel and Karin Kajander. She lived in Helsinki until January 1980 when she married Gary and they moved to the U.S. They lived in California, Washington, and Nebraska following Gary’s job until December 2003 when they settled in Trilogy at Power Ranch. They remained there until her death. Maj-Britt is survived by her husband, Gary; daughters, Lenita(Pekka) and Eva; grandsons, Patrick and Tommy; granddaughter, Charlotta (Don); great granddaughter, Kira; and sister Inga. Except for Gary, all are in the Helsinki area. There also are nieces, nephews, and in-laws in Finland and around the U.S.


  1. REPLY
    H Eubanks says

    Today, I learned that your family is mourning the loss of your beloved Maj-Britt. Please accept my condolences and be assured that almighty God is certainly aware of your painful feelings. May God comfort and sustain you to get through this day and others to come (Isa 41:13). Wishing your family all the best at this most difficult period. For more comfort from our heavenly Father, please visit http://bit.ly/2se6IHd

  2. REPLY
    Judy Hurlbert says

    Liz has been our friend and neighbor for the last 15 years. We have partied, golf, laugh and shared during these wonderful years of retirement. She will be solely missed and will always have a place in my heart.

    Condolences to Gary, her companionate husband, and her entire family. Our heartfelt prayers,
    Clark and Judy Hurlbert

  3. REPLY
    Mirjam Seilo says

    Olavi`s and my deepest condolences to Gary. Maj- Britt was a dear friend from our shared childhood in Helsinki Finland. We were friends over 70 years. Even though she moved with Gary to USA, our frienship hold tight. I`ll allways remeber you Maj- Britt !
    With Eeva Kilpi`s words:
    ” When sorrow fades
    come the memories
    and each of them
    hurts uniquely.”
    Mirjam and Olavi Seilo

  4. REPLY
    Jari Seilo says

    Through the years, when Maj-Britt was visiting us, here in Finland, was always
    such a joy to meet her and Gary.

    She was funny, considerate and marvelous personality.

    We will always love and remember Maj-Britt

    Jari, Paivi and Matilda Seilo

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