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Martin “Marty” James Brown September 19, 1961 - September 2, 2021

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Born September 19, 1961 in loving memory, age 59, who passed September 2, 2021 and will be overwhelmingly missed by family and friends; loving son of Gladys L. Brown and the late James A. Brown, brother to Bonita Power (Brown); cherished uncle to Alanna Power and great-uncle to Krystal Long and Rayne Dustan.  Marty will be missed by many very close friends and companions in Mesa, AZ that were of great assistance to him and Marty and his family are forever thankful and grateful.  Marty had more than the nine lives and the free spirit of his very precious cat, Rayne, and endured many trials and tribulations throughout his life.  “Not all those who wander are lost”, J.R.R Tolkien.  Marty was good at many things including Little League Baseball (various positions), auto mechanic, construction/framer, high-lift operator, steel welder, volunteer at local homeless facilities, drawing, and loved to build model race cars.  He enjoyed video games (racing), reading, art, music, shooting range practice, and reminiscing about the old days. As a child and young man, he had watched his Uncle Harry Luzader build and race a Classical Gas ’32 Ford, raced Motocross and dirt bikes himself, and developed a love for the sport, especially NASCAR.  He surrounded himself with all types of racing memorabilia and his apartment was quite an experience!  He was a member of the “Sons of the American Legion” for his father, a World War II Navy Veteran”.  Donations can be sent to The Salvation Army at https://www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/.


  1. REPLY
    Alanna says

    Uncle I will always love you. You are forever in my heart! Me and your grand nieces will always remember you. The cat, I mean man, with 9 lives. 😂 We will be wreaking havoc in the next world. 🤘🤩🤘

  2. REPLY
    Candy jessee says

    No more pain🤗 Marty was my kind and gentle friend. Greatly missed by all his neighbors/friends. Thanks for crossing my path🤓💋

  3. REPLY
    Candy says

    Marty was my kind and gentle friend. Morning coffee won’t be the same without KFYI am radio and Marty. Grateful he crossed my path💋 All his neighbors/friends loved and miss him🤗

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