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Rodney Masaru Ito II October 13, 1958 - August 25, 2020

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Rodney graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in History. He received a Master of Arts in History in 1990. He continued graduate work toward a Ph.D. but that goal was interrupted by his precocious talents in what we now call information technology. He was hired by ASU to help manage the first microcomputing operations for faculty in 1984. He went on to have a productive career as a highly valued consultant, problem solver, and teacher. Because he was a skilled advocate of emerging technologies, many ASU faculty credit Rodney with ushering them into this brave new world. He collaborated with faculty in their research and was a co-author of published work. He retired after 35 years of contributions to ASU.
He married Robin McCord; she was to say Rodney was the best decision she ever made. This compassionate marriage ended with Robin’s untimely death after 17 years together. The cabin he and Robin bought in Happy Jack was a refuge not simply for them but for friends and family. This was one place where Rodney could demonstrate his dedication to motor sports, especially those involving motorcycles, quads, and old pickup trucks. He enjoyed gun shows; an occasional hunter, he could often be found perfecting his aim at the gun range. Rodney showed great fortitude in dealing with two episodes of cancer; he maintained his sense of humor and his cooking skills throughout.
His mother and he designed fabulous outfits for Halloween and costume parties, where he always stole the show. An aficionado and collector of music, he had a vast knowledge of diverse musical forms. Dedicated to live performance, he had many of his friends as guests for performances. He was also a connoisseur music, film, TV series, and movie musicals.
Most important to Rodney were his friends, whom he attended to religiously. The ties preserved extended back to friendships made at St. Gregory’s grade school in Phoenix. A gregarious man, a guide in the art of forgiving and forgetting, he provided a model of trustworthiness and reliability for those younger than he and a reminder of these virtues for those older. The love he had for his family, his friends, and their families was manifest, his generosity constant, and his loyalty unyielding. He did the uncommon thing, maintaining relationships of sympathy and kindness over decades. Those who received his affection feel its loss most sharply.


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    Meghan says

    Rodney you were an amazing friend. I knew I could go to you for anything and you would gladly listen and give advice. You are truly and deeply missed. I miss your texts every morning. I miss so many things about friendship i could write pages. We love and miss you more than words can say.

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